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Do you work with or teach children who are struggling to thrive? We can help.

Toxic stress and trauma can impact learning, behavior and relationships at school. There is an urgent need to build kids’ resilience and strengthen coping skills. Students, teachers, staff and parents need support to guide kids through current and future stressors due to the pandemic and more.

We work with schools and organizations that want to learn to meet the mental health needs of the kids they serve. We offer virtual and in-person training about how trauma impacts children and what you can do to help them now.

Our Approach

First, educators and staff learn about brain development and developmental trauma in our engaging and interactive workshops. 

Then, our experienced trainers help school personnel apply that knowledge to their work with children in context. For example, if we are training in a school, we offer in-classroom teacher training.

Workshops and Trainings

  • How to Become A Trauma-Sensitive School

Teaching Topics

  • Developmental trauma and brain development: why it matters
  • Creating a psychologically safe environment
  • Why traditional behavior modification doesn’t work
  • Identifying risk factors for students and staff
  • Skills: window of tolerance, managing energy & self-regulation
  • Building resilience, social and emotional skills
  • Involving community: partnering with parents and caregivers
  • Classroom tools for struggling kids


Mental Health First Aid

Thrive has helped support and train over 1,000 people in Mental Health First Aid, at no cost to the person or their organizations.

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Therapeutic Telehealth Interventions & Strategies

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ARC Grow Training

a caregiver skill-building intervention designed to enhance resilient outcomes for families who are impacted by chronic adversity or stress


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