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Partner With Us

Enhancing communities through strategic partnerships

The Thrive Network TOP Program (Thrive Onsite Partnership)

The Thrive Network TOP program is a unique mental health service concept created to deliver onsite support to educational and social services organizations addressing the needs of underserved youth and families. We are looking for a successful organization to partner with that has an understanding and appreciation of how the power of positive mental health changes lives. We see those qualities in your organization and we invite you to join TOPS in our mission.

TOP is the social services division of The Thrive Network which has been providing innovative mental health services to youth, families, and communities throughout South Jersey for over 8 years, and has achieved high levels of success as New Jersey’s preferred provider of trauma informed play therapy. Our specialty is working with kids and families who have experienced significant levels of distress. We serve all of South Jersey.

As a partner of the TOP program you will be a part of innovative change that will boost your image as a caring organization whose members not only understand the complete needs of the community, but work proactively to address all of those needs. Your leadership approach will help others identify you as an agent of change and you will be acknowledged as the trusted and recommended resource to members of the community looking for mental health services.

Over the past year TOP has partnered with local schools, churches, and community organizations to deliver onsite services. Together, we have improved the quality of life for over 1,000 individuals and families.

We look forward to a partnership with your organization. Our joint venture initiative will position your organization for continued growth, and empower Camden residents to achieve rich and fulfilling lives – to go from surviving to Thriving!


Want to join us as a partner and become a network of change? We welcome the opportunity to hear about your organization and how we can work together. We vet each partnership request based on alignment with our mission, policies, and the area of focus and collaborative activities that each partner is interested in.

Please fill out the partnership request form to provide information about your organization and your interest in partnership with The Thrive Network.